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πŸ“’ Exciting News! πŸ“’

Get ready to secure your adventure essentials! Our latest collection of mugs, available in various colors and designs, is now open for pre-orders!

Hurry and reserve yours today to ensure you're among the first to receive these rugged and stylish mugs when they arrive in late April. Don't miss out on your chance to elevate your drinking experience wherever your adventures take you!

Pre-order now and be prepared to sip in style. πŸš€πŸŒŸ


Introducing the VIGOR OUTLIVE THE APOCALYPSE CUP RED - a bold and rugged 280ml enamel mug designed to withstand the toughest challenges, ensuring you outlive the apocalypse in style. With its striking red color and robust construction, this mug is a must-have for adventurers, survivalists, and anyone who appreciates both form and function.

The VIGOR OUTLIVE THE APOCALYPSE CUP RED features a vibrant red enamel finish that adds a splash of color to your drinkware collection, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance even in the harshest conditions. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or hunkering down in a makeshift shelter, this mug is built to endure.

With a generous capacity of 280ml, this mug is perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverages, such as coffee or tea, as well as cold drinks to keep you refreshed during your adventures. The sturdy handle provides a secure grip, allowing you to hold the mug comfortably, even when wearing gloves or in challenging environments.

Whether you're facing the aftermath of a disaster or simply enjoying a camping trip with friends, the VIGOR OUTLIVE THE APOCALYPSE CUP RED is the ultimate companion. Embrace the spirit of resilience and preparedness with this rugged enamel mug, and ensure that you're always ready to conquer whatever challenges come your way.

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