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Embark on a journey of survival and style with the DayZ 10th Anniversary Bomber Jacket in sleek black – an exclusive tribute to a decade of post-apocalyptic adventures. This limited edition jacket comes complete with the empowering "I have survived 10 years" motto and is paired with the iconic DayZ 10th Anniversary Velcro Patch, creating an ensemble that not only commemorates your resilience but also celebrates the enduring legacy of DayZ.

Meticulously crafted for comfort and durability, this bomber jacket features a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with standard EU sizing, ensuring a perfect fit for every survivor. The "I have survived 10 years" motto, embroidered with precision, adds a personalized touch to your jacket, making it a unique statement piece that reflects your journey through the challenging landscapes of DayZ.

Enhancing the jacket's exclusivity is the DayZ 10th Anniversary Velcro Patch. This patch, displaying the iconic DayZ logo, effortlessly attaches to the jacket, adding an extra layer of authenticity and commemorating your allegiance to the DayZ legacy.

Crafted with standard EU sizing, this bomber jacket is not just a garment; it's a symbol of your endurance and a tribute to a decade of unparalleled gaming experiences. The sleek black color exudes a sense of mystery and survivalist style, making it the perfect choice for both virtual escapades and real-world urban adventures.

Secure your piece of DayZ history – order the DayZ 10th Anniversary Bomber Jacket with "I have survived 10 years" motto and the exclusive Velcro Patch in standard EU sizing today. Wear your survival story with pride and embrace the next chapter of your post-apocalyptic journey.

Sizing chart (please note, that the bomber jacket sizing is a bit smaller, we recommend choosing one size bigger for your convenience):


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