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There have been sightings of a Bohemia Store-exclusive Collector's Edition of Arma 3 Contact. Check out this phenomenon before it's gone for good!    

Providing avid collectors and dedicated fans alike with the ultimate Contact experience, this physical Collector's Edition includes:

  • Arma 3 Ultimate Edition - printed Steam voucher
  • Rugged field case - This durable hardshell case with foam lining is sure to help keep your tools, instruments, and other valuables safe when you're out in the field. 41x34x18cm (41x38x18cm with handle extended). 
  • Two-way radio transceiver (2x)* - Ensure you stay in "contact" during reconnaissance missions with two trusty walkie-talkies. 
  • Steel storage container - Avoid electromagnetic fields interfering with your trinkets with this portable makeshift Faraday cage, which also looks great on display. 19x14x4cm. 
  • Livonia topographic map - Prone to getting lost? Not anymore! This 1:25000 map of Livonia will keep you properly oriented should you find yourself turned around. 120 mm x  180 mm (folded), 720 mm x 540 mm (unfolded).
  • Poster - An A2-size poster featuring the key artwork from Arma 3 Contact. Perfect decoration for your hideaway.
  • Logo sticker (2x) - Decorate your belongings with two Contact logo color variants. 
  • Tin foil hat (2x) - Make sure your thoughts remain your own with the tried-and-tested method of mind control protection. Conspiracy theories not included.

Supply is limited, so make sure to order the Collector's Edition while stocks last.

You will find Steam Keys for Arma 3 Ultimate on a printed card inside the Collector's Edition package. In case you already own Arma 3, and decide not to activate it via Steam, you are free to gift the printed Steam Keys to a friend.

*Walkie-talkie charging stations come with a standard European power plug. Adapters to other types are not included.

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